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What slows down your browsing?
When you browse the Internet, your precious time and data is constantly ransacked with data-heavy ads and trackers. In many cases, before a single ad even loads, you end up connecting to over a dozen ad networks, each one setting their own cookies on your device and forwarding the request to the next network until the ad is actually displayed.
This means that often, more data is used to load ads and trackers than to load actual content. Blocking ads and trackers prevents your browser from downloading this junk and gives you only the good stuff… and with less to load, your sites will load faster.
No ads, no tracking... faster browsing!
How does this affect privacy?
Scenario: it’s 2003 and you’re going to the mall to buy Apple Bottom jeans then hitting the movie theatre for a swift 4 hours to watch The Return of The King. You notice you’re being followed, and every time you glance at a product, the culprit makes a little note on a creepy clipboard. That stalker is doing exactly what trackers do, and later on he’s off to sell the information he gathered to the highest bidder.Not loading the trackers in the first place nips this behaviour in the bud. If you never load them, they can’t record, store, and broker your data.
If you want to buy Apple Bottom jeans, being able to do so privately is a fundamental human right.
How does Control D help?
Simple: when you’re using a Control D DNS resolver, you can block ads and trackers with a single toggle switch.
No apps or browser extensions required.
Browse faster in 2 steps!
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Go to the Filters section of the Profile that is active on your Device.
Enable the Ads & Trackers Filter.

Take back your internet.

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