About Us

Our VisionEveryone has the right to privacy. The Internet sucks these days. Your average website has more invasive trackers and ads than actual content. They slow down your browsing, waste your data, and compromise your privacy. Many of these sites block access to users because they’re from the “wrong” country. We know it can be overwhelming to navigate the digital world, access the content you want, and be sure that you’re protected. We believe that everybody deserves the chance to be safe, private and anonymous online.
Our StoryWe founded Control D in Toronto in 2021. Before Control D, we made Windscribe, a popular VPN application. In our five years developing Windscribe, we saw that many people could benefit from the security and privacy features but simply didn’t need all the moving parts of a VPN. Control D emerged as a standalone service that does almost everything a VPN can, and many things a VPN can’t, with no installation required. It puts you in charge of what type of content ends up reaching your device, and acts like a buffer between the Internet and your day to day Internet activity.
Yegor Sak CEO
Alex Paguis CTO
Mark Ulicki CIO
Founded in 2021
Toronto, Canada
FeaturesBrowse FasterImprove ProductivitySwitch Your LocationProtect Your KidsCustomize Multiple Profiles
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