Use Cases
Free DNS
controldSecure Your Browsing - For Free
No LoggingWe don’t log or store your DNS queries
Anycast NetworkOptimized for low latency and performance
Secure ProtocolsDNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS support
Standard ConfigurationsPick a configuration that best suits your requirements, or use the custom builder below to fine tune exactly what you need.
No DNS record blocking or manipulation.
Malware Domains
Ads & Tracking
Ads & Tracking
Social Networks
Ads & Tracking
Adult Content + Drugs
Censored Domains from various countries
Custom ConfigurationsDon’t see the configuration you want? Create a custom one below by selecting the filters you require.
Need More Control?
More FiltersAccess to more Filters with the ability to change them without updating your DNS configuration.
Custom RulesCustomize your profile by blocking, bypassing or redirecting any domain name of your choice.
Default LocationRedirect all activity through a proxy location of your choice and appear to be in a different country.
Content ControlBlock or unblock over 200 different services like iPlayer, Facebook, Minecraft and a whole lot more.
Configure ControlD first by following the guide on the right.
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