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Mind your own business.Take back control. Block ads, spoof your location, protect your family, and browse faster. No installation required.
What can I do with CONTROLD?
Browse faster.
When you browse the internet, you download more tracking and ad code than the content you want to see. What a waste of bandwidth. Get everything you need - and nothing you don’t - with CONTROL D.
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Improve productivity.
The Internet is full of distractions. CONTROL D can enforce a productivity schedule that you create, blocking the stuff you don’t want to see, when you don’t want to see it.
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Teleport to other countries.
Change your external IP address with a flip of a switch, with no VPN applications to install. You can use any number of our 100+ locations simultaneously.
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Keep your kids safe.
You know your kids better than anybody. CONTROL D gives you the tools to help them navigate the Internet safely. You can block adult content, drug websites, or anything else that you feel isn’t right for your family. You have the control.
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Bypass geoblocks.
Some websites and services block access to people in the "wrong" country. With CONTROL D, you can appear to be in the "right" country. It’s like a VPN you don’t have to install.
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Different devices, different rules.
Create unique browsing profiles for all your family devices, all under one account. Create up to 10 profiles and 10 devices.
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How does CONTROLD work?CONTROL D is a fully customizable DNS service, similar to Pi-Hole, AdGuard or NextDNS, but with proxy capabilities. This means it not only blocks things (ads, porn, etc), but can also unblock websites and services.
What is DNS?Think of it like Google Maps. You type in a name of a restaurant you want to go to, and it gives you the street address of the restaurant. A DNS server does the same thing, except the street address is an IP address of the website you're trying to reach.
What is a proxy?Sticking with the food analogy, instead of going to the restaurant, you can order food through an app. A person will go get the food on your behalf and bring it to you. The restaurant has no idea who you are or where you live. A proxy does exactly that, but for websites.
What makes CONTROL D special?
Supports all devices
No apps to install or run
Blocks ads and trackers
Blocks IP level threats
Service level blocking
Rule scheduling
Unblocks geo-restricted services
Number of supported web services
No-reconnect service unblocking
Can proxy all HTTP(S) traffic
Low impact on browsing speeds
Protect activity that doesn't use DNS
Take back your internet.
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