Use Cases
Free DNS
TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR INTERNETBypass geo-restrictions, block tracking, and be more productive.
Choose from 15 categories of filters that block ads, malware, adult content, IoT beacons, gambling sites and much more. Our bespoke block lists are extremely effective, but will not hinder your browsing experience due to false positives.
Block Ads and Tracking
When you browse, you end up downloading more tracking and ad code than actual content. These ads and trackers waste your bandwidth and slow down your browsing experience while simultaneously harvesting your personal data.
No apps or extensions required.
Reduce page load times.
Block Unwanted Content
ControlD allows you to block 15 categories of domains like malware, ads, social networks, adult content, IoT telemetry, as well as over 70 services so you can prevent them from harvesting your data or wasting your time.
Instantly block from the flip of a switch.
Bypass Geo-Blocking
Sites block access to content for people in the "wrong" country. ControlD operates a network of proxy servers in over 100 locations that can help you appear to be in the "correct" country and enjoy local content.
Be More Productive
Create schedules that will block (or unlock) common online services so you can remain productive when you need to get stuff done, and unwind with expanded streaming options when the task is finished.
Free DNS ServersJust want to block annoyances without creating an account? No problem!
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